Rob Phillips

Creative Director, School of Design & Technology, London College of Fashion

My fashion image making revolves around depicting the body and its interaction with clothing, product, and more recently with technology and/or machinery. The inspiration behind my illustrations draws on the parallels between the human image and its external influencers (e.g. fashion, religion, craft, culture etc.), either drawn from the past or looking to the future, or simply as an act of appreciation for the now. Drawing for me is a common language, a day-to-day occurrence, and not a practice or a research field. It comes as naturally as communicating through speech. Although most of my daily drawings tend to depict a lavishly stylistic interpretation of women (as in traditional fashion illustration), they are usually the beginning of something more, which will, more often than not, be a continual thought in my head, a perpetual idea for an image or a statement I feel I need to make.

In my recent work I have experimented with a more unusual set of drawing rules. These rules are links between man and machine, common graphic symbolisms, breaking down form and structure into a linear set of images that individually look like a code, a typography or calligraphy, but that together equate to a form, which can be distinctly human or something seemingly unknown. As the way we dress, from naked to styled, our identity is ultimately formed of different ingredients, ethereal or in existence.

The work I create plays on aesthetics. It is a reaction to a designer, interpreting possibilities or styling statements through 2D media.


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