Philip Delamore

Senior Research Fellow, London College of Fashion

This body of work marks a return to the physical act of drawing that has been absent from my work for a number of years. In fact, these drawings are the most physical drawings I have ever done, as they are drawn directly onto the body surface using a digital pen.

As a fashion and textile designer, I have been using the computer to develop my artwork for about 18 years, exploring the various tools at the disposal of the digital artist as they have evolved. I have drawn with a keyboard and a mouse, a digital pad and pen, and more recently I have been drawing with haptic tools and digitisers, which have enabled real world interactions to be recorded and translated into the virtual world.

I am captivated by the idea of a drawing recording time, that can be captured quite literally as the computer records each point of the line, along with the motion of the hand in 3D space. The physical act of drawing however leaves no trace in the world, no graphite, no ink�a ghost in the machine. For this reason I have called them �mixed reality� drawings, as they hang in the space between, waiting to be materialised in whatever form I choose.

When viewed as a single frame, each still becomes a unique drawing, like a freeze-frame in a film, but when animated the drawings begin to come alive, taking the observer on a journey through the physical space of the subject.


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Philip Delamore is Director of the Fashion Digital Studio at LCF, a pioneering centre of excellence for collaborative technology research, skills development, innovative commercial solutions in the creative use and practical development of digital technologies for the fashion, media and technology industries. Philip�s current research interests are 3D digital technologies for design and manufacturing on demand, 2D & 3D printing, mass-customisation and personalisation, democratisation of design, design innovation, virtual and augmented reality, metadata.

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