This exhibition has been made possible with the support of Professor Frances Corner OBE, Head of College, Professor Roy Peach, Dean of the Graduate School, Karin Askham, Associate Dean of Academic Development at London College of Fashion, Jan Carlsson, Project Manager �Fashion / Function / Futures�, University of Bor�s, Erik Bresky, Dean at the Swedish School of Textiles, University of Bor�s, Thomas W�gstr�m and Ruud Boer at KG 52 Gallery.

Exhibition Curators
Charlotte Hodes & Dr Flavia Loscialpo

Flavia Loscialpo is Doctor in Philosophy, Sapienza University of Rome, and alumnus of LCF (MA Fashion Curation). She is Senior Lecturer in Fashion at Solent Southampton University and, as independent curator and researcher, has been collaborating with numerous institutions. Her areas of research are visual culture, philosophy of language, curation, deconstruction, avant-garde movements. ( [email protected] )

Project Manager
Fang Liu

Fang Liu is an alumnus of LCF. He completed his MA Design Management for the Fashion Industries in 2010. He is an independent consultant in marketing and communication for fashion brands in London, and an independent curator for fashion exhibition and performance. ( [email protected] )

Catalogue Editors
Charlotte Hodes & Dr Flavia Loscialpo

Marketing & Promotion, UK
Hannah Clayton

Marketing & Promotion, Sweden
Agneta Nordlund Andersson

Catalogue Designer
David Hardy

Website Concept Designer
Yankun Xing ( [email protected] )

Website Developer
Ryan J Gillies ( [email protected] / )

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Cover Image
Hormazd Geve Narielwalla, The RAJ, 2010-2011

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